Just a quick post to introduce you all to which is a free to use tool which should hopefully end the slow and tedious setup of most web based applications. Something I always struggle with when creating new projects is the setup at the beginning, sometimes it's painfully slow pullin... read more Posted Sun 28th Aug 2016 10:09

Things I want to learn this year.

To me I feel this year has been one of the more better learning experiences I've had in regards to Web Development. I've added quite a variety of skills to my tool belt which I'll probably take with me in every project I make from here on. Javascript is something I've lacked in terms of ability and ... read more Posted Sun 24th Jul 2016 20:48

The Power of Valet

I've been using Valet for a few days now and I can say, it has improved my workflow dramatically.Maybe it's just me but I always seem to have problems with Vagrant boxes, whatever the problem may be, it never seemed to want to play nicely with my projects.I stumbled across Valet which is from the gu... read more Posted Sun 5th Jun 2016 11:59

Exams are done!

Exams are now officially done for me now; no more revision, no more stress, no more headaches. I can now enjoy the summer in peace until next year rolls around.I generally enjoy uni, it's just sometimes I feel like the curiosity about the topics I'm learning or the interest really does fade when i... read more Posted Mon 9th May 2016 17:50

About this site and what's going on!

First of all, welcome.So this site is still under construction as I want to keep improving it over time. There are many things I want to add to it in an effort to showcase my work and also express who I am more clearly, this blog system can be improved first though, it's a bit clunky.If you want to ... read more Posted Fri 6th May 2016 23:09

Obligatory Introduction

I never really saw much in the idea of a blog, I always assumed I'd make one and then leave it to gather dust in the corner like with previous ones. But hopefully this will be a departure this time around and can actually post some worthy content and useful things I find on the internet.Let's assu... read more Posted Fri 6th May 2016 21:47

About Me

Hi, I'm James. I'm a Web Developer from the UK, currently Studying Computer Science at Lancaster University. I've spent quite a few years building various projects of all sorts of scales from simple one page static websites, to full dynamic and interactive sites which can be seen above in my work.

I'm always keeping myself busy with projects and finding out how I can become better as a person and improving my skills. Seizing any oppurtunity that comes my way and waiting for the next challenge to come along!

Some skills:

  • PHP (Symfony2, Laravel, PHPUnit)
  • Git
  • Javascript (jQuery, Backbone*)
  • Python
  • Java (JUnit)
  • Photoshop, Sketch
  • Logic Pro X
  • MySQL, Nginx, Apache
* still learning

Copyright © James Davies 2016