The Forgotten Founding Father

ISBN 10 : 1101486546
ISBN 13 : 9781101486542

Noah Webster's name is now synonymous with the dictionary he created, but his story is not nearly so ubiquitous. Now acclaimed author of The Man Who Made Lists, Joshua Kendall shed..

The Forgotten Founding Father

ISBN 10 : 0399156992
ISBN 13 : 9780399156991

Chronicles of the story of the first American-English dictionary's creator, revealing his close associations with George Washington and Ben Franklin as well as his authorship of an..

Forgotten Founding Father

ISBN 10 : 1581821654
ISBN 13 : 9781581821659

For many of those who are even familiar with his name, George Whitfield is thought of as a preacher, a man connected with the Great Awakening in the 1700s. While this is true, it i..

Alexander Hamilton

ISBN 10 : 087586502X
ISBN 13 : 9780875865027

Alexander Hamilton: AmericaOCOs Forgotten Founder describes the character and achievements of a man who was instrumental in casting the form of our government and especially its st..

John Winthrop

ISBN 10 : 0195179811
ISBN 13 : 9780195179811

The first full-length biography of the first governor of the Massechusetts Bay Colony delves deeply into the life of this seminal figure in the formation of American society and cu..

Richard Varick A Forgotten Founding Father

ISBN 10 : 9780977233762
ISBN 13 : 0977233766

The life of a prominent Dutch-American patriot...

John Jay

ISBN 10 : 1852854448
ISBN 13 : 9781852854447

A portrait of the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and president of the Continental Congress discusses his contributions to the early Republic during the Revolutionary War ..